UX Developer / Interaction Design Researcher

The Milli consortium is a not-for-profit network of individuals and communities interested in the nurturing of archives. It is looking for a UX Developer and an Interaction Design Researcher to join the team.

Applicants should be interested in working on web annotations, semantic frameworks, and archival description. They should be happy in an open source environment that is also dedicated to decentralized networks of information.

Our product timelines tend to be long and amorphous. An interest in long term research in these areas or adjoining disciplines will be very helpful. The best way to figure it out whether this group is a good fit is to start at a conversation!

Some other things we look for: A proven ability to ideate and design user interactions and experience for digital platforms (production or PoC). Familiarity with UI development principles/standards and ability (or interest to learn) to navigate UI codebase is desired. Ability and interest to access, use and present technical documentation in the field of web, Internet, design and archiving.

Milli helps individuals and institutions to build and sustain archives. It facilitates discussions among the community around issues of diversity, archival standards, conservation, physical and digital access, pedagogy, privacy and the development of inclusive description standards. More here: https://www.milli.link/about/

Ours is a small team of archivists, designers, developers, and semantic web researchers.

Applicant can be based in any location and no move to Bangalore is necessary. Compensation will be commensurate with experience, but keeping in mind that the consortium is operating out of India.

If you’re interested, drop us an email with a few lines about yourself and/or a CV: janastu (at) servelots (dot) com